Stepahead Podiatry is committed to assisting people from all walks of life to integrate healthy professional foot care into their overall medical wellbeing.

At Stepahead Podiatry we have valuable experience in a range of podiatric treatment options including:

Treatment of tired Sore feet

At Step Ahead Podiatry we understand that tired & sore feet can make any day a hard day so we have a range of treatment options to help  stop that ache or pain & help your feet get through the day without feeling so tired.  From our comprehensive footwear advice, orthotic therapy or our hands on treatment programs our podiatrists can help you meet the day feet first.  Whether it be to make it through the shopping or to make it through a marathon we can help


At Step Ahead Podiatry we understand that sometimes toenails can be more than they seem.  If treated well & maintained they can be made to look pretty.  However if they become ingrown, thickened or infected they can be a real pain.  Our podiatrists take pride in the way they manage toenail conditions & they will always have the best advice on how to improve, or avoid, poor toenails.  All of our instruments are fully sterilised to national standards after every use so there is not the risk of cross infection which you can get by going to nail salons.

Ingrowing Toenails

Ingrowing toenails are often caused by poor cutting, trauma, misshaped nails or a combination of these things.  Our podiatrists are very skilled at clearing those painful ingrowing toenails conservatively & when required we can undertake minor nail surgery under local anaesthetic in our rooms.  This means you can get back to pain free walking & possibly fit back into those shoes again quickly.

Painful calluses & corns

Painful calluses & corns can really ruin your day.  They develop due to pressure & friction & can be related to your footwear & more importantly the way you walk. At Step Ahead Podiatry we can help relieve that pain.  We offer all aspects of podiatry treatment for calluses & corns including the use of special instruments for pain free removal, in shoe padding, specialist insoles, customised splinting devices, use of laser & medical grade silicone plugging.  Our podiatrists can help the pain from these lesions & keep the pain away for longer.

Paediatric (Children’s) Foot Assessment & care

Step Ahead Podiatry Podiatrists’ love children & love to help them start life in the right direction!! That’s why we’re always happy to assess your children’s feet & give you the best quality professional advice & treatment available.  So if your child rolls in too much, inturns their feet or has any form of foot or leg pain then maybe you should bring them in for an assessment.

Home visits (Domicillary Care)

Step Ahead Podiatry offers full podiatry service at home for those who struggle to make it into clinic.  An extra charge does apply to our home visit service.

Footwear Assessment & Advice

Footwear plays a very big part in how your feet & legs feel as you get through your busy day.  Step Ahead Podiatry are happy to help you chose the best shoes for your feet.  By fully assessing your feet & assessing your gait (walking pattern) our podiatrists can give you the key points to look for when purchasing your next pair of shoes, or we can simply show you which of your shoes are the best, or worst, for your feet.

Diabetic Footcare

Step Ahead Podiatry is proud to be a leading local provider of Diabetic & High Risk foot care.  With experience in public sector high risk footcare our podiatrists are highly experienced in managing these often complicated conditions.  We are proud to be able to provide highly detailed Neurovascular assessment using the latest equipment including the use of our Smart Doppler to provide toe pressure readings when required.

Foot Joint Mobilisation Techniques

The Podiatrists at Step Ahead Podiatry are all highly trained & skilled practitioners in the use of foot joint mobilisation techniques.  By improving movement in the joints of the feet, when indicated, these techniques can help to improve the function of the foot & reduce pain levels in the foot & sometimes further up the leg including the knee & hip joints.

Massage, Dry Needling & Low Level Laser Techniques

The development of trigger points in muscles (tight & sore areas) can lead to poor function & pain development.  At Step Ahead Podiatry our podiatrists are trained & very skilled at finding such points & releasing them.  This can be done through massage techniques, dry needling using acupuncture needles & through low level laser therapy.

Orthotic therapy

Orthotic therapy involves the use of inserts placed inside your shoes to help improve comfort & function of the foot & lower limb.  They can be key components of pain relief, injury prevention & management.  Orthotics can be prefabricated (off-the shelf) or custom made & can be made from a variety of materials.  Our highly trained & skilled podiatrists can determine if an orthotic is required & what is the best orthotic type for your individual requirements.

Strapping techniques

The Podiatrists at Step Ahead Podiatry are highly trained at strapping techniques for the foot, ankle & lower limb to help with injury prevention, rehabilitation & diagnosis.  All podiatrists are skilled in the use of rigid sports tape, elasticised bandaging & kinesiology tape -specifically Rocktape.

Stretching & Strengthening Programs

It is important to try to prevent the recurrence of any foot or leg pain or injury.  The podiatrists at Step Ahead Podiatry can help you to prevent such recurrence with advice on stretching & strengthening programs that enhance the other treatment modalities used to help you stay on your feet.

The team at Stepahead Podiatry are caring and highly trained to focus on your specific needs and give professional assistance with any questions you may have.

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