Painful Corns!!


Do you or someone you know suffer from painful corns.  Our Podiatrist Benjamin Trewben talks about  these troublesome pains in the foot!!!

Painful corns are areas of hard skin that develop on the foot.  They can develop on the toes, on the soles of the feet,  on the sides of the feet & in between toes.  They are usually a result of pressure or friction irritating the skin. Foot deformity such as clawing toes can contribute to corn development both on the toes & on the ball of the foot, this is often further aggravated by poor fitting footwear.  Once a corn develops it can be very hard to get rid of.  Corns can be hard or soft & if not treated correctly they can cause a lot of problems including pain, changed gait (walking pattern) & even result in ulceration.

Corn pictureapical corn

It is important that if you develop a corn that it is treated properly.  Whilst there are many “home treatment” options on the market you must be very selective in what you use.  Many “corn remover” plasters actually contain acid as the main treatment.  The idea is that the acid eats away the hard skin.  However , often the forces that lead to the corns development cause the pad to move & this means the acid is then acting on normal skin.  This can lead to very painful breakdown of the normal healthy skin & this can be worse than the original corn itself.

Corn cushioning pads & silicone pads to protect the area are a much safer way to try to reduce the development of these painful corns.

corn pad     silicone toe shield


Making sure your footwear is correctly fitted & appropriate for your activity is a key to avoiding corn development.

Regular use of a pumice stone or emery board coupled with regular moisturising cream can also help to reduce the level that a corn will develop.

To remove a corn correctly it is advisable to see your local podiatrist who is highly skilled at removing the hard skin safely.  Your podiatrist will then offer you advice & help you to reduce how quickly the corn returns.

Treatment options your Step Ahead Podiatry podiatrist may offer include:

  • Deflective padding
  • Silicone products including custom made wedges & toe props
  • Customised orthotics
  • Footwear advice & adjustment
  • Laser therapy
  • Regular debridement
  • Plugging of the area once the corn has been removed
  • Safe application of acids



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