As you are aware the Covid-19 virus spread is having a major impact on lives in Australia.  We are monitoring Government Guidelines & following the advice of our National & State Associations.  As such we ask for your patience as we navigate … [Read more...]

We have Moved!!!!!

Step Ahead Podiatry is now conveniently located at Unit 13, 7-9 Goddard St in Rockingham.  We look forward to providing you with the best podiatry care available at our newly refurbished rooms. … [Read more...]

2014 – Stepahead Podiatry Triathlon

Sunday 23rd November is the first race of the season for the Rockingham Triathlon Club & we're proud to be this race's naming rights sponsor.  Stepahead Podiatry has now been a proud supporter of this fantastic, family friendly club for 3 years … [Read more...]

International Diabetes Day – November 14

As today is international Diabetes day here are some of the current statistics on Diabetes in Australia from Diabetes Australia.  Are you or someone you love effected by Diabetes? An estimated 280 Australians develop diabetes every day. The 2005 … [Read more...]

Painful corns

Do you or someone you know suffer from painful corns.  Our Podiatrist Benjamin Trewben talks about  these troublesome pains in the foot!!! Painful corns are areas of hard skin that develop on the foot.  They can develop on the toes, on the soles … [Read more...]

Diabetic footcare

In 2005 3400 people with diabetes had lower limb amputations in Australia.  ( Approximately 90% of diabetic lower limb amputations are preceded by a wound to the foot or leg.  If … [Read more...]

The importance of having your diabetic foot check – it’s about more than just your feet!!!

It is recommended that all diabetics have their feet checked at least once a year by a podiatrist.  Your podiatrist should look for any problems & treat them as required.  But they will also undertake what is called a neurovascular assessment.  … [Read more...]

Hip & back pain during running – it could be a very small thing!!!

Lately we have had a few athletes who have been having trouble with anterior hip pain  & lower back pain with running.  A number of these clients are in their mid to late 30's or older & have never had trouble before.  Most of them have found … [Read more...]

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