Foot joint mobilisation/Manipulation Techniques

The practice of Foot Mobilisation & manipulation is a specifically developed form of manual therapy aimed at improving foot and leg function. Foot joint mobilisation techniques involve gently moving a stiff or poorly positioned joint through its range of movements to help restore the joint to its full potential.  Manipulation techniques are very specific single movements that are done at a higher velocity & are used in conjunction with mobilisation techniques to further improve a joints function.  When combined with some easy home based exercises foot mobilisation techniques are a painless, cost effective treatment option for many foot & leg conditions.

The podiatrists at Step Ahead Podiatry have spent many years training in & refining foot joint mobilisation & manipulation techniques.  Our passion for this treatment modality has seen our podiatrists travel all over Australia & internationally to train with a number of highly regarded instructors in the field.  We are very proud to be known as one of Perth’s leading mobilisation & manipulation clinics having helped thousands of clients from all over the State.

If you are having foot or leg problems then call our clinic to book an appointment with our highly trained practitioners who can tailor a treatment plan based on your specific needs.

Visit 7PERTH for a story on the treatment of modality recently featured on Today Tonight.

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