Q - What is a podiatrist?
A – A Podiatrist is a University trained health professional who deals with the diagnosis, prevention, treatment & rehabilitation of medical & surgical conditions of the feet, ankles & lower limbs.
Q - Do I need a doctor's referral to be seen at Step Ahead Podiatry?

 A – No you don’t need a doctor’s referral to be seen at Step Ahead Podiatry, however we do accept referrals from any health care provider.

A Doctor’s referral is required in some special circumstances.  These include:

* Medicare referrals under a team care arrangement (TCA) for enhanced primary care (EPC) which may be available if

you have a chronic medical condition – ask your GP if you qualify

* Department of Veterans Affairs (D.V.A)

* Worker’s Compensation

* Motor vehicle accident (M.V.A) claims

Q - Do I get a rebate from Medicare?
 A – Medicare rebates are only available if you have been referred to us by your Doctor as part of a team care arrangement (TCA) through the Enhanced Primary Care Program.
Q - If I have a Doctor's referral as part of a team care arrangement (TCA) how many appointments can I have?
A – The number of appointments for podiatry you can have which receive a Medicare rebate is determined by your Doctor.  However the maximum in any year for all allied health professionals is 5.  This means you may have 5 to the podiatrist & 0 to other allied health professionals or you may be given a breakdown such as 3 to podiatrist & 2 to a dietician. Medicare will only pay on 5 appointments in total, not 5 appointments to each health professional.
Q - What should I bring to the first appointment?

 A – Please bring the following with you

* A list of your current medication

* All relevant medical imaging – x-rays, Ultrasounds,  CT’s, bone scans, MRI’s

* A selection of your current footwear – work shoes, gym shoes, casual shoes etc

* Any or all of your current or previous orthotics if you have had them previously

* Ladies it is advisable to wear pants rather than skirts or dresses as some aspects of assessment may require hip rotation/pelvis assessment etc

Q - What can I expect on my first visit?

 A – At your initial consultation one of our highly trained & skilled podiatrists will undertake a comprehensive assessment, which will vary depending on why you are attending.  This assessment may include

 * Obtaining a full medical history

* Obtaining a full history of the injury or condition for which you are seeking treatment

* Basic nerve & blood flow testing – more comprehensive if you are diabetic or have a specific referral

* Basic walking (gait) assessment

* Review of your medical imaging if available

* Where possible a diagnosis & differential diagnosis

* Advise on treatment options & decision on a personalised treatment plan

* Where possible commencement of your treatment

Q - If I have been to other podiatrist's & have been given orthotics but I still have the problem is it worth coming in to see you?
 A – Yes.  All the podiatrists at Step Ahead Podiatry have extra training in assessment & management of foot & lower limb conditions.  All our podiatrists are highly trained & skilled at alternative treatment options such as foot mobilisation techniques, soft tissue release techniques, dry needling techniques, laser acupuncture techniques, therapeutic ultrasound use, comprehensive postural & biomechanical assessment & various strapping techniques.   Please see our Foot mobilisation link for an insight into one of the alternatives we can offer.
Q - Do I need a doctor's referral to be seen at Step Ahead Podiatry?
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